Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Which is more important - Counseling or Coaching?

Today I was asked about the difference between COUNSELING and COACHING... here's a brief answer in a comparison format.

Counseling has a goal of creating STABILITY

Coaching has a goal of creating SIGNIFICANCE & SUCCESS

is often about dealing with unresolved issues from the PAST

Coaching is usually about building a better FUTURE

Counseling has a final goal of creating a better feeling - to achieve COMFORT

Coaching has a final goal of pushing for better results - to CHALLENGE

Both disciplines are important, but not everyone needs a counselor since so many people have stable, but boring and unfulfilled lives. However everyone needs a coach.

What about you?

Do you need counseling to get 'unstuck' from a painful past?


Do you need coaching to gain satisfaction and strength to create a better future?

Once you know your path - get moving.